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Divorce & Financial Hardship

When considering a divorce there are many things to consider. Normally one of the first things to think about is your finances, and what financial challenges you may endure as a result of the split. Below you will see a list of some common concerns. The house – should you stay in the family home or sell it? Retirement assets – splitting retirement assets can be tricky to avoid an unwanted taxable event. Insurance – if we are no longer a family, who is insured and who isn’t?Continue reading

5 Things To Help Keep Your Relationship, and Your Love, Strong

While the saying “love is all you need” is a very nice one in theory, in practice this is almost never the case. Falling in love is not a magical process that removes all uncertainty and doubt from your life forever, nor does it ensure that your partnership will always be perfect and strong. If you want a healthy and lasting relationship that will withstand the tests of time, then there are some tried and true things you should be doing. Remember: all good things take effort andContinue reading

How To Help Prevent Your Spouse From Cheating?

It can be difficult to maintain a happy and healthy marriage in today’s society. It almost seems as though people are more focused on infidelity than ever before, and concern about the issue has created panic in many a relationship. The important thing to remember is that healthy, happy relationships are far less likely to see one spouse cheating on the other than unhappy relationships. That means that if you want to ensure your spouse doesn’t cheat, you’ll have to focus on creating the kind of relationship thatContinue reading

When Abuse is Emotional

When you think about abuse, chances are good that you are picturing physical manifestations of the issue. Bruises, for example, or black eyes are some of the indications of abuse that many of us recognize. What it less well known and acknowledged, however, is that abuse doesn’t have to leave any physical signs at all. Sometimes the abuse is emotional rather than bodily in nature, which means that the victim won’t show any of the hallmark signs of abuse. That doesn’t mean that they have suffered any less,Continue reading

Divorce and the Holidays

Getting divorced is never an easy task. Even when the split is amicable, there are bound to be a lot of emotions that come out during the process. This is perhaps especially true around the holidays. During a time when so many people tend to feel increased levels of stress without adding a divorce on top of everything else, it makes sense that the season might be an especially difficult one for the newly divorced. But do not worry, as this does not have to mean that youContinue reading

Workaholic Spouses & Divorce

Work Addiction: Is It Really That Bad? One of the founding principles upon which American society rests is that if you put in a good day’s work, you will lead a good life. Work hard and always give it your best, in other, words. And if that means that you spend hours of overtime at work, well, then you’re going above and beyond to ensure that you are doing your part and should be admired. This is all especially true if you also have a family to support.Continue reading

Some Signs Your Marriage May Be Failing

The communication is gone. Some people are good at saying how they feel, and others aren’t. However, if there’s a lack of effort on one side or the other, it can be problematic. You stop talking or texting frequently, or your attempts to reach out go ignored. Your priorities have changed and you just don’t seem to have time for each other. Some common excuses are work, friend and family conflicts. You feel happier when you’re alone. If this is the case, then you probably like the ideaContinue reading

2016 Changes To The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act

In 2016 Illinois passed revisions to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. Grounds for Divorce – The new 2016 laws changed the grounds for getting a divorce as well as the waiting period for couples wishing to end their marriage. As of January 2016 there will only be one single ground for the dissolution of marriage – irreconcilable differences. This makes sense as Illinois has long been a no-fault state. Divorce Waiting Period – Previously you had a waiting period before you could finalize your divorce proceedings. Spouses thatContinue reading

Illinois Is A No Fault State When It Comes To Divorce

What is a “No-Fault” Divorce? Basically a “no-fault” divorce means that neither spouse was at fault for the split. The no-fault grounds are pretty simple: irreconcilable differences have caused the breakup efforts of reconciliation have been unsuccessful reconciliation would be unrealistic and not in the best interests of the parties As of January 1, 2016, Illinois is a no-fault state when it comes to divorcing or the dissolution of marriage. Public Act 99-90 has removed all fault-based grounds for dissolving a marriage. Since January 1, 2016, there willContinue reading

Some Common Divorce / Family Law Questions People Ask

If my spouse asks me to move out, do I have to move out? NO – you have the same right to be there as they do. If I do move out, it this considered abandonment? The short answer is NO! Contact us to learn more. What age can the children choose as to who they want to live with? The court will only consider a child’s wish once they are 14 years of age or older. However, the court must consider many other factors and circumstances. ContactContinue reading