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Divorce can be an ugly business, and even the most agreeable of divorce proceedings leave room for conflict and complication.  In any case of divorce or legal separation, the unfortunate ones who stand at the greatest risk of suffering emotional harm are the children.  Confusion, sadness, fear, anger, and even guilt are just some of the emotions your kids might be going through, and divorce is a heavily mature concept that can be difficult for any, but especially young, children to wrap their heads around.  It is importantContinue reading

Divorce Rates Are Down – Acceptability Up

You might have heard divorce referred to as something of an “epidemic” recently, with the number of divorce cases each year allegedly rising quickly. In reality, divorce rates in the United Sates are the lowest they have been in decades. It is true, however, that the “moral acceptability” of divorce has risen quite sharply over the past decade or so. From 2001 to 2017, for example, the social acceptance of divorce has increased by 14 points according to data gathered by Gallup during their Values and Beliefs poll,Continue reading

Tips for a Drama-Free Divorce

Divorce isn’t an easy issue to talk about. It’s an even harder one to experience, and the whole process can quickly devolve into endless drama and frustration if you aren’t careful. And while the “success” of a drama-free divorce certainly depends on your partner’s actions as well as your own, there are still things you can do to help guide the situation down the right path. Let’s take a look at some of the steps you can take to help minimize the amount of stress and drama generatedContinue reading

Tips to Avoid Divorce

Divorces are never easy for either of the involved parties. Unfortunately, there are certain conflicts and actions spouses can take that dramatically increase the chances of a failed marriage. Let’s take a look at some of the most common conflicts we see in order to try and stop trouble before it gets to the point of divorce. Talk to Professionals First and foremost, it is important to avoid falling into the habit of complaining about marital problems to other people. Or, to be more specific, it is importantContinue reading

Things to Consider Before Officially Filing for Divorce

Few things inspire such strong emotions in individuals as the thought of divorce. This can be a source of dread and worry – something that keeps you in place even while you want to move forward. When you’ve finally made the decision that your marriage is essentially over, however, that dread suddenly turns into the desire to act as quickly as possible. We tend to want to just “get it over with” as fast as we can in order to put the painful ordeal behind us and moveContinue reading

Divorce & Financial Hardship

When considering a divorce there are many things to consider. Normally one of the first things to think about is your finances, and what financial challenges you may endure as a result of the split. Below you will see a list of some common concerns. The house – should you stay in the family home or sell it? Retirement assets – splitting retirement assets can be tricky to avoid an unwanted taxable event. Insurance – if we are no longer a family, who is insured and who isn’t?Continue reading

5 Things To Help Keep Your Relationship, and Your Love, Strong

While the saying “love is all you need” is a very nice one in theory, in practice this is almost never the case. Falling in love is not a magical process that removes all uncertainty and doubt from your life forever, nor does it ensure that your partnership will always be perfect and strong. If you want a healthy and lasting relationship that will withstand the tests of time, then there are some tried and true things you should be doing. Remember: all good things take effort andContinue reading

How To Help Prevent Your Spouse From Cheating?

It can be difficult to maintain a happy and healthy marriage in today’s society. It almost seems as though people are more focused on infidelity than ever before, and concern about the issue has created panic in many a relationship. The important thing to remember is that healthy, happy relationships are far less likely to see one spouse cheating on the other than unhappy relationships. That means that if you want to ensure your spouse doesn’t cheat, you’ll have to focus on creating the kind of relationship thatContinue reading

When Abuse is Emotional

When you think about abuse, chances are good that you are picturing physical manifestations of the issue. Bruises, for example, or black eyes are some of the indications of abuse that many of us recognize. What it less well known and acknowledged, however, is that abuse doesn’t have to leave any physical signs at all. Sometimes the abuse is emotional rather than bodily in nature, which means that the victim won’t show any of the hallmark signs of abuse. That doesn’t mean that they have suffered any less,Continue reading

Divorce and the Holidays

Getting divorced is never an easy task. Even when the split is amicable, there are bound to be a lot of emotions that come out during the process. This is perhaps especially true around the holidays. During a time when so many people tend to feel increased levels of stress without adding a divorce on top of everything else, it makes sense that the season might be an especially difficult one for the newly divorced. But do not worry, as this does not have to mean that youContinue reading