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Vera Wang and husband decide to end marriage

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Divorce on Wednesday, July 25, 2012. In this day in age, the number of divorces being filed by individuals who are a part of the baby boomer generation is on the rise. Residents of Chicago may have been surprised to hear that earlier this month, a baby boomer, whose livelihood in part depends on people getting married, announced her separation from her husband of 23 years. The woman is none other than Vera Wang, among other things, wedding dress designer extraordinaire. WangContinue reading

Increased financial and emotional pain with second divorces

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Divorce on Friday, July 20, 2012. Divorced residents of Chicago likely understand how traumatic the process can be. Contrary to the assumptions of those who’ve avoided the process, a second divorce is not any easier on the participants. There is evidence that the financial and emotional pain actually increases. Unless you adopt the approach of many celebrities, “keep doing it until you get it right,” the pain of your first divorce doesn’t serve as an aid should you face a second one. There are understandableContinue reading

Child support ordered in case of returned adopted Russian boy

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Family Law on Wednesday, July 18, 2012. Each year, residents of the United States pursue international adoptions in an effort to fulfill their desire to be parents. These family law matters are usually joyous occasions where new families are formed. While as is the case in any family situation, issues can arise, they are usually dealt with and the family unit moves forward. Readers may remember a sad example of a failed adoption from a couple of years ago. The story made headlines inContinue reading

Divorcing parents might consider the collaborative approach

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Divorce on Friday, July 13, 2012. To many throughout the Chicago area, the first thought when the word divorce is uttered is that it is a long, acrimonious process. There is of course good reason for this assumption-for many it is the way the divorce unfolds. Of course, this is not the way it has to be. More and more today divorcing couples are choosing the route of collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is the process of ending a marriage in a manner thatContinue reading

Divorce between Cruise and Holmes apparently settled

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, July 11, 2012. Last week we wrote about the pending divorce between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. At that point in time it appeared to Chicago area residents, and others paying attention throughout the country, that each side was readying for a long hard battle, the centerpiece of which was most likely who would have custody of their 6-year-old daughter. In a testament to how quickly things in life can change, this week there is news that it may, forContinue reading

Remembering Nora Ephron, wry observer of modern divorce and marriage

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Divorce on Tuesday, July 3, 2012. Nora Ephron, the filmmaker and essayist who died last Tuesday at 71, is probably best remembered for her hit movies, like “Sleepless in Seattle,” and her bestselling essay collection, including “I Feel Bad About My Neck.” But Ephron’s contributions to people in Chicago run deeper than just providing entertainment. Ephron was an important cultural figure because she helped change the way we as a society think about marriage, divorce and how men and women relate to oneContinue reading

Holmes-Cruise divorce shows similarities to most divorces cases

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Divorce on Monday, July 2, 2012. In a way, it is fitting that we are getting our Chicago divorce and family law blog started with a post about one of the most talked-about divorces in recent memory; that of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Although the lives of these two actors bear little resemblance to those of everyday people, there are elements to their divorce that are common to most divorces. In fact, by taking an expansive view of the situation, you can seeContinue reading