Divorce and custody battle involving NBA superstar continues

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, October 24, 2012.

A divorce in Chicago between a star professional athlete with a world championship ring, along with an Olympic gold medal, and his wife would be news. The fact that the divorce and custody battle are the most contentious in the area in years is making headlines. For the first time, the former wife of the player, Dwyane Wade, is forthcoming with her side of the unfortunate story.

The husband and star player takes his role as a father most seriously. The presiding Cook County family court judge was convinced, awarding the father sole custody of his two children. Their mother, who had custody until March 2011, is extremely upset with the court’s ruling.

The former high school sweethearts bitterly ended their five year marriage, before embarking on an equally contentious child custody fight. Their mother apparently didn’t return the children on time and was arrested for kidnapping two years ago. Although the charges were subsequently dropped, they may have influenced the judge’s decision to award sole custody to the father.

The children’s mother, who has rarely spoken on the record during the divorce, has now revealed more of her side of the situation. The father has publicly stated that he wants to make sure the young children continue to have a positive relationship with their mother. He also publicly states that it’s important to the children understand that things that happen between parents are not the fault of the kids.

The mother requests forgiveness and reinforces that she wants the children to be at home with her in a loving environment, spending time with their dad when he is available. The rigorous schedule of the NBA can pose serious challenges to players to find parenting time during the busy regular and playoff season.

The children’s mother plans to return to court to attempt to overturn the current legal decision and regain prime custody of her children. Stay tuned.

Without taking sides in this dispute, do you believe a professional athlete can fulfill the requirements of a custodial parent for young children, with the demands of being away from home for one-half of their game schedule? Do you have any suggestions to help committed parents, who are also professional athletes, become effective custodial parents?

Source: WLS-TV, “Dwyane Wade ex tells her side of the story,” John Garcia, Oct. 5, 2012