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Child & Spousal Support  Enforcement Attorneys – Chicago, IL

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It is one thing to obtain a divorce or other family law Judgment (or decree). It is another thing to ensure that the decree is obeyed. Very often, whether justifiable or not, obligations required in the Judgment don’t happen.

Effective Chicago Child Support and Alimony Enforcement

This happens very often in the areas of child support, visitation rights, spousal maintenance (alimony) and settlement agreements (like who pays for cello lessons, or for orthodontia).

When Parent “A” disobeys the terms of a court order, Parent “B” may petition the court to declare Parent “A” to be in contempt.

At this point the court has the power to take painful actions:

~To garnish Parent “A”s paycheck, or tax refunds
~To restrict rights previously granted to Parent “A” (such as custody and visitation)
~To order Parent “A” to jail

Illinois courts are even able to suspend professional licenses and driver’s licenses.

Aggressive Child Support Enforcement Approaches

Other enforcement methods, requiring court orders, may include:

~Seizing assets to pay child support backlog
~Fining an employer $100 per day for not garnishing the parent’s wages
~Intercepting income tax refunds
~Requesting the denial or suspension of a passport
~Reporting the non-paying parent to credit bureaus
~Claiming a share of lottery winnings

Initiating these actions on your own is not recommended. Talk to the lawyers at The Walters Law Group, Ltd., about appropriate but effective enforcement methods.

We Enforce Support Payments in Illinois

There are numerous options when the behavior of an ex-spouse does not match the divorce decree. Modification of the terms of divorce, or other decree, is one option; enforcement, described above, is another. It is best to meet with a knowledgeable attorney, however, to mount a calculated, well thought out legal response that fits the situation.

Failure to live up to the terms of a Judgment is not unusual. Often there is a logical reason for it. But by law the problem can only be resolved through the courts. The lawyers at The Walters Law Group can help you present this petition. We can also defend you if you have been held in contempt of court.

Need to have your divorce decree modified or enforced? Hire the child support and alimony enforcement attorneys at The Walters Law Group, Ltd., in Palos Park and Chicago at 708-361-9700 / 312-806-6700 or email us using this form.