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Guardianship Lawyers – Chicago, IL

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Individuals seeking to provide security for loved ones often face the challenge of providing for young children or protecting older, disabled children, or disabled adults. Fortunately there is a powerful mechanism for doing this: guardianship over a person’s decisions, their financial estate, or both.

Knowledgeable Guardianship Attorneys

Guardianships have numerous purposes. They can allow individuals to protect children or disabled adult children. They are also useful in protecting elderly persons who need help with their affairs.

Often, guardianship is established as a part of estate planning for the future. Other times it can be used to deal with current situations, as when a person faces a medical or addiction crisis, and temporarily appoints a relative to serve as guardian for a child until the crisis is resolved.

Understanding Guardianship in Illinois

Guardianship in Illinois is of two types:

  • The first is guardianship of the person, where one designated person makes all decisions for the ward relating to food, shelter, clothing and medical care.
  • The second is guardianship of the ward’s estate, where the guardian is responsible for all financial and legal matters.

These two areas of responsibility can be addressed by appointing a single guardian, or by appointing two.

Establishing Guardianship of a Child in Cook and Will County

We can answer questions about:

~Guardianships for minor children
~Guardianships for disabled adult children
~How to protect guardians against removal proceedings
~How to remove or change guardians

Guardianship is not a simple matter under the law. If you choose to take this route, it is important to work with a lawyer with experience in guardianships.

We have over twenty years of combined experience in handling divorce, custody and family law cases.   YOU give us your confidence, WE give you the peace of mind and the results you deserve.

We help people and families in Chicago and throughout the Chicagoland suburbs.

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