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What is a divorce going to cost me?

The cost of your case will depend on how much litigation is necessary to bring your case to a resolution.  The more you and your spouse can agree on, the less expensive your case will be.   Uncontested cases can be billed at a “flat rate”, whereas contested cases are billed at an “hourly” rate.  In no event are divorce attorneys in Illinois allowed to accept divorce cases on a “contingency” basis, which is when a lawyer’s fee is a percentage of the value of what you are awarded by the Court.

Costs will also depend on the nature and complexity of your individual case. Costs include legal fees, court costs, costs of document production, and depositions. Additionally, issues may develop during a case will affect what is required to successfully litigate a case. Therefore, it is impossible to predict exactly how much it will cost at the start of your case.

Simple uncontested cases will be less expensive, while more complex cases with little agreement will cost more. The less that is in dispute, the less you will spend in attorney’s fees and costs. If there is a strongly contested issue, you may incur additional costs and fees associated with the dispute. This can include property valuations, custody evaluations, etc…

We have over twenty years of combined experience in handling divorce, custody and family law cases.   YOU give us your confidence, WE give you the peace of mind and the results you deserve.

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