Should abusers receive spousal support?

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Divorce on Friday, August 31, 2012. Legislators in one state recently passed a new bill that prohibits spousal abuse victims from being forced to pay alimony to their abuser. Those marital partners who were abused would no longer face making spousal support payments to convicted abusers under the new regulation. Many Chicago victims of spousal abuse would likely hope that similar legal protection be provided to all in the future. A 39-year-old California successful financial planner and mother of two children wasContinue reading

Actress Halle Berry seeking to move daughter to France

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, August 29, 2012. Child custody battles are not reserved for couples who were at some point married. They can arise anytime a relationship produces a child and then falls apart. While much of the time issues regarding child custody have to do with who will get the child over a given holiday, other times, the matters are more weighty, such as moving a child out of state or even the country. A case regarding this matter is currentlyContinue reading

Solve, don’t contribute to, joint custody conflicts

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Child Custody on Friday, August 24, 2012. Playing the “blame game” is inherently popular with parties embroiled in a divorce. Child custody issues often generate more hard feelings and “he said/she said” arguments than property settlements. Divorcing parents living in Chicago are not immune to this unfortunate reality. Understanding behaviors that create more conflict, instead of resolving problems, can help the parties contribute to an acceptable child custody resolution. Examining your actions–and reactions–to learn if you are adding to or helping resolveContinue reading

Former football player facing divorce after alleged domestic dispute

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Divorce on Wednesday, August 22, 2012. The last couple of months have most certainly been interesting for the professional football player formerly known as Chad Ochocinco, now known as Chad Johnson. Residents of the Chicago area may be aware that less than two months ago, everything seemed to be perfect for the 34-year-old when he married Evelyn Lozada. The newlywed was practicing with the Dolphins and a reality show based on their lives was in the works. Earlier this month however theContinue reading

Minimize separation stress with these suggestions

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Divorce on Friday, August 17, 2012. Unfortunately, stress, separation and divorce travel together. Stress plays no favorites. Whether you’re young or old, rich or poor, childless or with a brood of young children, you will suffer some stress. Whether you live in Chicago, San Francisco or the smallest town in Iowa, you will experience the stress of divorce. Don’t assume your divorce will be easy, with no property division or child custody issues. However, there are some helpful behaviors to minimize long-termContinue reading

Is Bristol Palin going to lose custody of son?

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, August 15, 2012. Contrary to popular belief matters relating to child custody are not set in stone once an initial agreement is reached. Recognizing that over time circumstances change, in some situations it may be possible to modify or amend the agreement to better reflect needs of each individual involved. Readers should be aware that if all parties are not on the same page this can be difficult to accomplish, whether one lives in Chicago, Illinois, or elsewhereContinue reading

Are Twilight stars headed for custody battle over dog?

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Unmarried Couples on Friday, August 10, 2012. There was a time not so long ago in Chicago when matters of property division, child support and child custody would be limited to situations involving divorce. In today’s day in age however, when many couples have foregone marriage in exchange for living together, these situations arise much more frequently without accompanying a divorce. Fans of pop culture are likely aware of what is apparently the split of one of Hollywood’s most popular couples, KristenContinue reading

Get creative in crafting child custody agreements

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, August 8, 2012. Many people throughout the nation likely believe the misconception that child custody arrangements are limited to the noncustodial parent having the child one night a week and every other weekend. Those in the Chicago area who have dealt with this matter know that this of course is not true. Parents who are interested in taking the time to work together in child custody matters understand that the scheduling possibilities are virtually endless. Holidays are often a pointContinue reading

Custody battle ends with mom’s death from cancer

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Child Custody on Friday, August 3, 2012. The child custody fight, but not the national sympathy, for a Chicago mother has ended with her death at the age of 38. She spent her remaining days with her children at her parents’ home, receiving hospice care. Her family, including her children, was at her side when she passed. Her case became a national cause célèbre when she lost child custody after her ex-husband convinced the court that she could no longer properly care for theContinue reading

Former NFL player’s child support matter settled

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Child Support on Wednesday, August 1, 2012. When a couple who has children together decides to end their relationship, working out matters regarding the kids such as child custody and child support can be trying. This is true regardless of whether the split involves a divorce or not. In Illinois, guidelines issued by the state are used to determine what level of support is appropriate. The guidelines take into account the expenses as well as the incomes of both parents to arriveContinue reading