Same-Sex Marriage Legal in Land of Lincoln

This is a year of great change for same-sex couples in Illinois and across the United States. In June 2014, same-sex marriage finally became legal and paved the way for married couples of the same sex to generally enjoy the same protections and rights to medical, insurance, tax, and other benefits as opposite-sex married couples enjoy. While civil unions have been legal in Illinois since 2011, and many rights were gained at that time, couples now converting their civil unions to marriage licenses look forward to the possibilityContinue reading

Protect Your Personal Data & Privacy When Going Through a Divorce

With the many emotional things people deal with when going through divorce, sometimes the most simple, obvious, and critical steps people should immediately take to protect their privacy, finances, and future get overlooked. Those steps are with regard to data and personal information, and sometimes just a few clicks can prevent serious damage to your future. A study by McAfee revealed that 96% of U.S. adults share their personal data—including passwords, intimate photos, and other personal content—with their significant other. Because of this, a spouse can sometimes wieldContinue reading

What will happen to my retirement, 401(k), pension and other assets in a divorce?

People considering divorce face a flood of concerns: about their children, and their futures, their home, their finances, and their belongings. There are many challenging aspects to divorce, one of which is dividing assets. What happens to assets during a divorce? The first thing to know is the difference between pre-marital assets and marital assets. Pre-marital assets are belongings or other items that were owned by either spouse prior to the marriage. This could include furniture, real estate, financial gifts from relatives, an inheritance, art, etc. Note that,Continue reading