An Amicable Divorce is Possible with a Good Attorney by Your Side

With long custody battles and fights for property and assets, divorces have always been full of strife. However, they don’t really have to be so. If you are getting divorced and both you and your spouse want an amicable legal separation, then an uncontested divorce can settle everything discreetly and with dignity. It is great if you want the dissolution of your marriage in an amicable manner and can resolve all issues with decency. A sensitive attorney can make sure that the proceedings are handled with sympathy forContinue reading

When marriages are not made in heaven

Getting married is one of the biggest events a person can have in his or her life. But sadly, marital happiness is something that only a lucky few enjoy. If you are heading for the divorce courts, then it is essential that you hire yourself an attorney who will make the process smooth and protect your interests in the best way possible. Well-renowned attorneys are what you need At The Walters Law Group, we are proud of having established ourselves as the attorneys who make divorce proceedings smooth andContinue reading

Uncontested Divorce Can be a Wonderful Solution to the Dissolution of Marriage

People are getting divorced at an alarming rate. Though many divorces go through a considerable amount of “spousal fighting”, yours does not have to be so. An uncontested divorce is a wonderful solution if both you and your spouse seek to have proceedings that are civilized, discreet and most of all, in the best interests of the parties involved – including children. We can ensure that the breakup of your marriage is smooth and amicable With the attorneys at The Walters Law Group, the breakup of your marriage canContinue reading

Assertive Child Custody Lawyers in Chicago

With divorce rates spiraling, it is popularly agreed upon that children are the worst sufferers. For no fault of their own, they witness their families breaking apart. The effects are very often indelible in the minds of children of broken homes. If you are going through the breakup of your marriage, it is very important that your child’s interests are being addressed. To make this happen, a lawyer who is well-versed in matters of family law and child custody is essential. Child custody matters are not to beContinue reading

A Guide to Child Support Hearings

Child Support is one of the primary decisions in a divorce that involves a married couple with children. The spouse who looks after the child can either state financial independence or claim child support from the petitioner. If you want to claim child support and you are not sure how much you need to ask for, you can get a professional divorce attorney to negotiate on your behalf. Keep all paperwork ready If you are claiming child support, you need to prove that you have expenses related toContinue reading

Uncontested Divorce Tips

Most couples filing for divorce prefer uncontested divorce over lengthy contested divorce proceedings. Decisions in uncontested divorce are quick, mutual and less expensive. The time taken for the divorce is also considerably less than that spent in a contested divorce proceeding. Here are some useful tips to follow. Do your research about uncontested divorce settlement options and be ready to answer possible questions You are ready to settle all terms amicably in the divorce proceedings. Yet, there could be areas that need deep thinking and commitment. Alimony, custodyContinue reading