Assertive Child Custody Lawyers in Chicago

With divorce rates spiraling, it is popularly agreed upon that children are the worst sufferers. For no fault of their own, they witness their families breaking apart. The effects are very often indelible in the minds of children of broken homes. If you are going through the breakup of your marriage, it is very important that your child’s interests are being addressed. To make this happen, a lawyer who is well-versed in matters of family law and child custody is essential.

Child custody matters are not to be taken lightly

At The Walters Law Group, we are well-known in the Chicago area for our sensitivity and aggressiveness in dealing with child custody matters. You may have heard that law firms never turn down cases, but the opposite is true with us. If we even get a hint that a child custody battle is not going to be in the best interests of the child concerned, we refuse to take it up. Maliciousness when it comes to children’s futures is not something that we will ever practice. That is why when you come to us for help, you can trust that we will always have the best interests of your child at heart. For a parent, that should provide the utmost satisfaction.

Intricacies of custody battles

Divorces can be lethal on children. No two cases are alike and that is why our lawyers treat each case differently, making sure that they study and research all the details so that they can come up with counsel that is sensitive to the interests of everyone concerned. Child visitation and child support are only two of the matters that are dealt with in custody battles. Such battles often flow into other issues, including adoptions, grandparents’ rights, orders for protection, modification of divorce decrees, etc. and we are experienced in handling them all.

Assertive action required

At our law firm, we understand the importance of taking assertive action when it comes to matters to do with children. Todd Walters, our lead counsel, is himself the father of two children, and that is why he is committed to make sure that each child has the best future possible.

If you are struggling with a matter of child custody, call us at The Walters Law Group (312) 806 6700 (Chicago) or (708) 361 9700 (suburbs). We represent clients all over Chicago, the suburbs and the surrounding areas of Cook County, Du Page County, Will County and Chicagoland etc., and we can help you.