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Is Illinois A No Fault State For Divorce

Is Illinois A No Fault State For Divorce? Yes – Illinois law allows for no-fault divorces. Illinois is a “no-fault” divorce state.  The days of having to prove abuse, adultery or alcohol / drug  use are gone. However, the courts may take one spouse’s claim into consideration when creating a parenting plan that allocates parental responsibilities and parenting time. As an example, if the court believes that one parent was physically cruel, they may place restrictions on that parents time with their child. In other cases, an abusiveContinue reading

Do I Have To Comply with My Parenting Plan During The Pandemic

HOW DOES THE PANDEMIC AFFECT MY PARENTING PLAN? Parents are encouraged to follow the school-year calendar even when schools are closed. SHOULD PARENTS FOLLOW COURT ORDERS AND CHILD EXCHANGES DURING THE PANDEMIC? Yes – unless you believe that sending your child to your ex’s home could pose a risk to your child’s health. Please keep in mind that there are NOT universal laws to follow during this pandemic. COVID-19 is unchartered water – please contact us for help!

Divorces Rates Involving Adultery

Divorces Rates Involving Adultery The first thing people ask when they hear someone is getting divorced is typically – “is there someone else?”. Current research indicates that both men and women are equally likely to cheat on their partner, a statistic that used to favor men in the past according to love to know @ Infidelity is one of the top cited reason couples decide to get divorced. Why does infidelity lead to a divorce? After being cheated on, a spouse will feel angry, confused and wonderContinue reading

Valentine’s Day & Divorce

Valentine’s Day & Divorce – Couples who get married on February 14th are 37% more likely than other couples to split up within five years (who knew)! You can learn more @   If you need divorce or family law help we can help.

Illinois Child Support Estimator / Calculator (2020)

Estimating or calculating child support can be complicated. The Illinois Child Support Estimator is designed to provide a general idea of a child support amount in accordance with the Illinois child support guidelines (750 ILCS 5/505) based upon the information you enter. You can learn more HERE and HERE. **Please note that your actual child support and/or medical support amounts may differ from the results you get from this estimator. The support amount varies depending upon many factors and each situation is different. When calculating or estimating childContinue reading

What Is A QDRO?

In a divorce agreement, a QDRO ensures that an ex-spouse receives a predefined portion of an individual’s retirement plan. Consult with our experienced divorce and family law attorney for help if you would like to learn more. You can learn more @