What You Need to Know about Negotiating for Child Custody

A divorce is never a part of an ideal circumstance. It is, in fact, the opposite. The effects of a divorce and child custody fight can leave you reeling under stress and financial strains for a long time. This bitter battle is even harder on the children, if they’re involved. While child custody isn’t complicated in itself, what can be immensely excruciating is dealing with the emotionally-charged vibes between the spouses, which can take a turn for the worse and leave an overwhelming impact on the children whoseContinue reading

Why You Should Hire a Family Law Attorney

No marriage comes with a guarantee of success. The hard reality is that, sometimes, marriages do fail. Irrespective of how much in love you were at the time you got married, circumstances and people can change with time, only to make you realize that you no longer want to be associated with each other. While you may be having a tough time coming to terms with the reality of such a situation, you know that the road ahead might involve legal intervention to finalize the process of separation.Continue reading

The Top Dos and Don’ts of the Divorce Process

It is said the marriages are made in heaven. Divorces, on the other hand, can be arranged on earth. Marriage is regarded as a sacred institution. And sacred it is, until both the partners decide that they can no longer co-exist peacefully as long as the marital knot binds them together. An amicable divorce is most preferable, but a couple going through a bitter divorce is bound to experience tumultuous times, and find themselves in one of the most complex situations. (Image credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/444097213231412819/) As if the pressureContinue reading