Things to Keep in Mind when Determining Who Should Have Child Custody

Divorce law usually varies from state to state in the USA. The laws existing in individual states govern divorce cases. Dissolution of marriage is actually a legal process in which a marriage is legally terminated. Divorce is not an issue in isolation and the divorce law requires resolution of several issues including distribution of property spousal support, division of debt and most importantly child custody and child support. Usually Joint Guardianship  When dissolution of a marriage takes place child custody becomes a pivotal issue and the Court ofContinue reading

Things you Should Be Aware Of When Filing For Divorce

Filing for divorce may seem like a difficult thing to do but once you understand what it involves, it is fairly easy to manage. Furthermore, you will always have the guidance of your family law attorney to ensure you do the right thing. Divorce is not a very complicated process, but for it to proceed smoothly you should know the various things involved. For instance, there are rules for every little aspect – like the splitting of property, finances, child custody and so on. When you are filingContinue reading