How To Help Prevent Your Spouse From Cheating?

It can be difficult to maintain a happy and healthy marriage in today’s society. It almost seems as though people are more focused on infidelity than ever before, and concern about the issue has created panic in many a relationship. The important thing to remember is that healthy, happy relationships are far less likely to see one spouse cheating on the other than unhappy relationships. That means that if you want to ensure your spouse doesn’t cheat, you’ll have to focus on creating the kind of relationship thatContinue reading

When Abuse is Emotional

When you think about abuse, chances are good that you are picturing physical manifestations of the issue. Bruises, for example, or black eyes are some of the indications of abuse that many of us recognize. What it less well known and acknowledged, however, is that abuse doesn’t have to leave any physical signs at all. Sometimes the abuse is emotional rather than bodily in nature, which means that the victim won’t show any of the hallmark signs of abuse. That doesn’t mean that they have suffered any less,Continue reading

Divorce and the Holidays

Getting divorced is never an easy task. Even when the split is amicable, there are bound to be a lot of emotions that come out during the process. This is perhaps especially true around the holidays. During a time when so many people tend to feel increased levels of stress without adding a divorce on top of everything else, it makes sense that the season might be an especially difficult one for the newly divorced. But do not worry, as this does not have to mean that youContinue reading