When a Spouse Commits Adultery, It’s Much More Than Cheating

The pain and bruises given by a cheating spouse is never really healed. Sure time can blunt the edges of the constantly pricking weapon, but it still pierces. Adultery can ruin a marriage,and in most cases does. It leaves the other partner completely destroyed. ‘A feeling of nothingness’, ‘ a life in utter darkness’, ‘constant and unbearable pain’ , are just some of the ways that victims of adultery will describe their feelings, and emotions.   Adultery is often ground for divorce and separation. Besides, there is noContinue reading

Dealing With Wealth Division: A Tricky Part of Divorce

Divorce is mentally, emotionally, and physically draining. There are huge financial implications involved in a divorce as well. As a result, assets such as the house, rental property, pension plans, a jointly owned business, and much more are created. When a divorce happens, these need to be equally split up. In the state of Illinois, we follow the Equitable Distribution Law which states that, the wealth settlement between the contesting individuals needs to be fair and justified. It should be done keeping in mind the financial standing ofContinue reading