Uncontested Divorce Can be a Wonderful Solution to the Dissolution of Marriage

People are getting divorced at an alarming rate. Though many divorces go through a considerable amount of “spousal fighting”, yours does not have to be so. An uncontested divorce is a wonderful solution if both you and your spouse seek to have proceedings that are civilized, discreet and most of all, in the best interests of the parties involved – including children.

We can ensure that the breakup of your marriage is smooth and amicable

With the attorneys at The Walters Law Group, the breakup of your marriage can be stress-free. We are the attorneys of choice in Chicago and its surrounding areas having worked with matters related to family law for more than two decades. Our attorneys are tough and sympathetic. We can help you with proceedings of an uncontested divorce if both you and your spouse agree regarding all the relevant issues including asset division, child custody and visitation rights, etc…

Protect your children

Children of a marriage that is no longer valid are no less important and their rights should be protected at all times. Child support issues are a matter that is hotly-discussed in most proceedings of divorces. This is an issue that brings to the forefront all sorts of parental emotions and can be a cause of strife in the otherwise smooth sailing of the proceedings. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will help and guide you.  We will ensure that not only is child support discussed amicably, but also that your child gets the chance to have the best future possible.

At our law firm, we believe that most matters can be settled decently and with the least amount of acrimony (bitterness) and that is why our attorneys always want to make sure that each party gets what is due to them. We treat each case differently and we will work hard to ensure that an amicable legal separation can be reached.

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