An Amicable Divorce is Possible with a Good Attorney by Your Side

With long custody battles and fights for property and assets, divorces have always been full of strife. However, they don’t really have to be so. If you are getting divorced and both you and your spouse want an amicable legal separation, then an uncontested divorce can settle everything discreetly and with dignity. It is great if you want the dissolution of your marriage in an amicable manner and can resolve all issues with decency. A sensitive attorney can make sure that the proceedings are handled with sympathy for everyone concerned.

We can help you with your uncontested divorce and legal separation

At The Walters Law Group, our attorneys have been practicing family law for well over two decades and they have established a reputation all over Chicagoland for their work. We can handle the breakup of your marriage with discretion if both you and your spouse are interested in settling matters amicably. If both parties agree on details of the pending proceedings, such as division of assets, child support, child visitation rights and alimony; then there is no reason why matters cannot be settled easily and smoothly. With our experienced attorneys by your side, you can be sure that everyone’s interests will be taken into account in settling the legal separation.

Is an uncontested divorce the right option for you?

It can be so, if both you and your spouse are not interested in complicating matters and want to legalize your separation simply and with the least amount of money wasted. If you trust your spouse and know that the proceedings can be dealt with simply and in a straight-forward manner – we can help you with a legal separation.

Why hire us?

  • Our attorneys are well-versed in all the intricacies of family law and divorces.
  • We are experienced in all sorts of divorce proceedings, including those of high-profile couples, complex divorces / separations, and high-net worth individuals.
  • Our attorneys are professional, sensitive and sympathize that you are going through a tough period of life.

If you need legal counsel for a legal separation, an uncontested divorce may be perfect for you. Contact The Walters Law Group @ (312) 806 6700 (Chicago) or (708) 361 9700 (suburbs) or email us using the online form on our website. We have clients all over Chicago and the suburbs and we will be happy to help you.