Make Sure Your Child Is Well Supported After Divorce

If you are headed for a divorce, making sure that your child or children are well supported is of uptmost importance. Child support matters are perhaps the most hotly-debated topic in relation to the break up of a marriage. As a parent, it must be your wish that your child gets the support he or she needs at each step of his or her life. To make sure that this happens, hiring a good attorney for legal counsel is of paramount importance.

We will WORK HARD to protect your child’s best interests

At The Walters Law Group, we have been in the business of providing legal counsel to people struggling with family law matters for over 20 years. We have handled lots of child support cases and in each one of them, we have made sure that the children’s best interests are the core issue. We have rejected quite a few cases where our conscience told us that the child’s interests were not of uptmost importantance to the parties involved. You can trust us to negotiate and move past disagreements to arrive at a solution that is best for everyone. We will litigate if necessary, but we will work to solve your issues amicably.

How child support is calculated

There are guidelines laid down by the state to come up with an appropriate amount of money suitable to provide each child with the support he needs. You and your spouse’s income and expenses are used to come up with a figure. But the process usually gets murky when parental emotions come to the forefront – with our lawyers on your side, an affordable and sensitive solution can be reached. If litigation is the only way to make sure that your child’s interests are protected at all times – we will work aggressively to do so. In case the financial circumstances of the parents have changed, we also handle modifications in such support decrees with the sensitivity it deserves. You can learn more @

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