Divorce Law requires compassion, sympathy and assertiveness

If you are planning a divorce, you need an experienced divorce and family attorney who is sympathetic to your individual situation. Divorce proceedings are hurtful enough as it is, an attorney who is compassionate and  understanding can ensure that the proceedings are as painless as possible for you and your whole family.

We are compassionate – dedicated and aggressive when needed

At The Walters Law Group, we concentrate only in divorce and family law  matters. We are well-known in Chicago and its surrounding areas. Divorces are never easy on anyone and that is why our attorneys are trained to be sympathetic and compassionate. However, that does not stop us from being aggressive about your interests in court and out of it. Proceedings involves various things like alimony, child support and division of assets and our attorneys are committed to help you make sure that your interests are handled in a way that is best for everyone. We will handle the breakup of your marriage in a discreet and sensitive way.

If you are planning to get divorced or need counsel on a matter of family law, contact us at The Walters Law Group (312) 806 6700 (Chicago) or (708) 361 9700 (suburbs). We have clients all over Chicago, and the Chicagoland suburbs.