He Knows

I have retained Todd twice– the first time for my divorce, and second time for problems with my Ex after the divorce. Todd is knowledgeable on the law, has a great repor with the Judges and gets along very well with other lawyers. I recommend him whole heartedly.

Highly Recommended

I am a very difficult client. I have a prejudice attitude towards attorneys. Todd has helped restore some belief in me that it is possible for an attorney to also be a caring and decent human being. I am glad that I was refered to Mr. Walters by a friend – Todd not only represented “my” interests well, but took the approach to understand me as a person.

Fathers Rights – Child Custody Client

Mr. Walters has been my attorney for four years now. Each time a new situation has arose with respect to my visitation with my daughter he has successfully fought for me. He remained honest as to what he believed the outcome would be. He also kept me informed as to what my rights are as a father. I am greatful for all his hard work, and success in fighting on my behalf.

Best Divorce Attorney in the Chicagoland Area

Todd Walters was a huge help for my divorce case. He was honest, patient, and helpful with all aspects of the divorce process. He is very knowledgeable in this field and will tell you what to expect during the negotiation process and what the courts could recommend based on each unique situtation.

Hardworking, Aggressive and Trustworthy

My divorce case was very complicated. It lasted 3 1/2 years. Property and assets were stolen from my children and me before Mr. Walters representation. My now ex-husband hid assets, sold property, and presented many lies before the court.

Knowledgeable – No-Nonsense Attorney

Todd helped me with my uncontested divorce. At one point it was being contestested by my ex. Todd was so helpful in guiding me through how to proceed. The case ended up being uncontested in the end. Todd tells you like it is, knows the law very well and most of all was attentive.

Fabulous Attorney

Mr. Walters is a fabulous attorney. He knows the law and walked me through the entire child support process. He gave me the facts and was honest and forth coming with all the important information I needed to know. I knew I was in very trustworthy and capable hands. His staff was excellent.

Tenacious Todd

Outstanding and fair. Unyeilding in his work ethic. Would most definetly recommend this lawyer as he was recommended to me.

Excellent Lawyer

When my ex wife tried to get 7 years back pay of my retirement I called Todd. Although I reside in Texas and the case was out of Illinois I knew I could count on Todd to represent me without incurring additional traveling expenses. He was very honest with me by indicating that it may not be an open and shut case…

Child Support Abatement Case

I hired Todd to help me with a restraining order and take care of a motion to abate child support that the children’s father had filed. Not only did he help me on both issues, He was effective and did not back down.