Gets the job done!

I was going through a bitter divorce. My ex-husband’s attorney brought in another attorney who was very unethical to help assist with his divorce. The attorney I had at that time lacked experience in dealing with my ex’s “shyster” attorney. My divorce was riding on a lot. College expenses, rental properties, joint debt, etc… and my divorce was set to go to trial. Very quickly I had to find a new attorney that was wise, skillful, strong-minded, knows the law inside and out, could deal with the “bad garbage” that was going on with my ex and his attorneys & someone who would fight for me and my children. That person was Todd Walters. He responds quickly (by phone, text and email), kept me well informed and prepared for all possibilities. He was available for all “my emergencies” even on the weekends. He kept me calm and stress free. Having dealt with bad attorneys in the past Todd and his assistant Cindy were truly a blessing and beyond wonderful for me and my children. I would highly recommend Todd to anyone.