Not Just an Incredible Attorney… but a Genuine Good Person

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Todd Walters. I’ve never met an attorney who showed more integrity, honesty, warmth, and genuine concern towards his clients. As with any divorce, this has been an extremely stressful time in my life. Todd was compassionate and treated me like a real person, yet when it came to fighting for my rights, he was a pit-bull. When I was frustrated, he let me vent. When I felt like giving in, he made me fight on. My ex-husband was very difficult to deal with. He was not only irrational, but completely unreasonable. Todd helped me make good decisions. He was very responsive and extremely well-versed in the legal process. He helped me negotiate a very favorable settlement. I was very pleased with the outcome of my divorce and I owe that to him. Todd is simply outstanding and I sincerely thank him for all that he did. I would highly recommend him to anyone!