Alimony laws are changing

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Divorce on Tuesday, July 9, 2013.

Illinois residents may be aware that new alimony legislation is being considered in several states. The proposal is centered on lessening the burden of permanent spousal support after separation of divorce. Several states have already adopted the reform, and it includes specific amount of money and length of support for the receiving spouse.

The opponents of the new laws argue that the reform may adversely affect many women who may not have any other sources of income, gave up their carriers to become permanent homemakers and find it difficult to find employment in this fluctuating economy. The proponents of the legislation feel that it is fair not to have to pay alimony to an ex-spouse for life.

Many believe that the new formula should be based on individual circumstances and the reality of the situation leading to proper judgment fair for both parties involved. Some of the reform laws allow for retroactive modifications to alimony, often leaving one of the spouses without any means of supporting themselves. If one spouse agrees to give up the house in exchange for alimony settlement, the other spouse may retroactively obtain modification to the amount of the money paid without the other party ever being able to get the house back or negotiate any other adjustments to the initial divorce settlement.

The alimony rules and post-divorce adjustments will be revised and should be related to the length of marriage. The spouses who have been together for less than 10 years may not receive lifetime alimony. The spouses who have been married their entire adult life, where the woman has been out of workforce for decades and is now in her twilight years, may need the additional financial support to sustain her means of living. A seasoned Illinois family law attorney may be a good source of legal help and information in regards to alimony.

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