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Valuing & Dividing A Family Business In Divorce

When a couple splits or parts ways, one of the most complex parts of the divorce process is the asset division piece. If a family business is involved, this will make the property division component that more involved. As part of the divorce process, many assets and liabilities will have to be divided between the parties, a business is no different. There are a few factors that will determine whether the business interest will be considered separate or marital. If the business interest was acquired during the marriage,Continue reading

Common Reasons People Get Divorced

According to Business Insider these are the 7 common reasons why people say they got divorced – you can read more HERE. Infidelity Substance Abuse Lack of commitment Too much conflict and arguing Growing apart Financial problems Getting married too young The above reasons make sense. If you need a lawyer who will speak honestly with you from the beginning of your representation through the end, and who “tells it like it is” to protect your interests, contact The Walters Law Group, Ltd. to schedule a consultation. Since 1995 we haveContinue reading

Can A Divorce Be Predicted?

Divorce is a rather persistent and pervasive issue that can hit couples from all manner of different backgrounds. And while the number of divorcing amongst American couples might not be on the rise, it also isn’t dropping by any significant rate. With that in mind, then, are there any particular factors of which to be aware when it comes to divorce? As it turns out, there are five different factors that might actually serve to help predict divorce. Let’s take a look at them below! Age While theContinue reading

Common Reasons for Divorce

Divorce is a stressful and frustrating experience that many individuals would do quite a bit to avoid. We know, however, that divorce isn’t actually an uncommon occurrence in today’s society. Given the negative effects that divorce can have upon the individuals undergoing it as well as any children that might be involved, what exactly motivates them to make the decision to end their marriage? Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons for divorce!  A Marriage of Convenience One of the most common causes ofContinue reading


As complicated, overwhelming, and frightening as a divorce can be, imagine what the process must look like, and feel like, through the eyes of a young child.  Telling your children about a divorce or legal separation is a delicate situation and should be handled caution and consideration. The most important thought to keep in mind while approaching your child about divorce is that he or she he or she will perceive the transition based upon how you and your spouse handle it.  As such, feelings of hostility towardContinue reading

What are the divorce / legal separation options?

YOU HAVE OPTIONS: FOUR CHOICES YOU MAY NOT KNOW YOU HAD, REGARDING YOUR DIVORCE  Facing a divorce or legal separation?  We’re here to help, and most of all we’re here to let you know that you have options.  Did you know that divorce proceedings do not necessarily need to end up with a fight in court?  Cooperative Divorce Law, Collaborative Divorce Law, and Divorce Mediation are just a few of the possible recourses that you can take when dealing with your divorce. If you’re seeking minimal interference andContinue reading


Divorce can be an ugly business, and even the most agreeable of divorce proceedings leave room for conflict and complication.  In any case of divorce or legal separation, the unfortunate ones who stand at the greatest risk of suffering emotional harm are the children.  Confusion, sadness, fear, anger, and even guilt are just some of the emotions your kids might be going through, and divorce is a heavily mature concept that can be difficult for any, but especially young, children to wrap their heads around.  It is importantContinue reading

Divorce Rates Are Down – Acceptability Up

You might have heard divorce referred to as something of an “epidemic” recently, with the number of divorce cases each year allegedly rising quickly. In reality, divorce rates in the United Sates are the lowest they have been in decades. It is true, however, that the “moral acceptability” of divorce has risen quite sharply over the past decade or so. From 2001 to 2017, for example, the social acceptance of divorce has increased by 14 points according to data gathered by Gallup during their Values and Beliefs poll,Continue reading

Tips for a Drama-Free Divorce

Divorce isn’t an easy issue to talk about. It’s an even harder one to experience, and the whole process can quickly devolve into endless drama and frustration if you aren’t careful. And while the “success” of a drama-free divorce certainly depends on your partner’s actions as well as your own, there are still things you can do to help guide the situation down the right path. Let’s take a look at some of the steps you can take to help minimize the amount of stress and drama generatedContinue reading

Tips to Avoid Divorce

Divorces are never easy for either of the involved parties. Unfortunately, there are certain conflicts and actions spouses can take that dramatically increase the chances of a failed marriage. Let’s take a look at some of the most common conflicts we see in order to try and stop trouble before it gets to the point of divorce. Talk to Professionals First and foremost, it is important to avoid falling into the habit of complaining about marital problems to other people. Or, to be more specific, it is importantContinue reading