Child custody, visitation two pieces of difficult divorce puzzle

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, September 4, 2013.

Divorce is one legal area in Chicago that includes many other sub-specialties such as financial law, real estate, business law and more. A couple dissolving their marriage will need to think about all of these factors, as well as visitation and other issues related to any children whom they share. Courts take special interest in making sure that children in a divorce are kept as safe as possible during and after the legal process. For a custodial parent, there is the requirement of maintaining a positive environment. For a noncustodial parent, there is child support to be calculated and paid.

Pitfalls abound in the divorce process, but serious and careful thought before each step may make life much easier for everyone. The parents should talk about how to fund the children’s higher education, in addition to considering what assets are to be shared and which will be deemed separate. They should also decide if anyone will remain in a mutually owned home and how the other spouse will be compensated for the loss of their share in that property. Parents also need to discuss who will be responsible for maintaining life insurance, health insurance, dental insurance and vision insurance for the children.

An important thing for both spouses to consider is how conflicts will be handled after the divorce is granted. When a couple doesn’t have children, it’s fairly simple and straightforward. When children are involved, however, conflicts can arise years and even decades after the couple has split.

A Chicago attorney experienced in family law may be a valuable resource for divorcing couples. Child custody and visitation are sometimes handled much more smoothly with a legal professional acting as an intermediary. Such a lawyer may also assist with any agreement modifications needed long after a divorce is finalized.

Source: Trussville Tribune, “Understanding the difficulty of divorce, child custody“, June Mathews, August 26, 2013