What Is Cooperative / Collaborative Divorce?

Basically cooperative or collaborative divorce occurs when both parties work together to find an agreeable resolution. We all know what cooperative means. However, you may not know what collaborative means. By definition collaborative means – produced or conducted by two or more parties working together.

If you want what is fair, do not want to hurt your spouse, want what is best for your child or children, want to avoid a long – drawn out court battle, and you want to avoid large legal expenses then this type of divorce is your best option. Large legal fees occur when parties cannot agree on the terms of a divorce and litigation or legal disputes occur. Cooperative or collaborative divorce calls for less litigation and more cooperation for the parties involved. Basically both parties work together.

A collaborative or cooperative divorce is a process by which parties use mediation and negotiations to settle their divorce.

What are some of the benefits of using this divorce process?

  • Saves MONEY & TIME
  • Informal setting 
  • Information exchange is open and honest
  • You decide how to handle post-settlement disputes
  • You work out a resolution that works for you

How does is work?

Each person hires their own attorney. Be sure to hire and attorney that is supportive of the mediation and the negotiation process. An attorney who often wishes to litigate in the  courtroom will not be as effective when trying to negotiate.