Divorce as a career booster or career killer

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Divorce on Friday, July 27, 2012.

Did you know that a painful divorce can accelerate your career? Are you aware that a contentious divorce can also prove to be a career killer? Family law attorneys and mediators in Chicago agree that either result may occur.

Compounding the stress and trauma of a painful divorce, employers are often subpoenaed for records, interrogatories, depositions, or trial appearances. When this happens, you might helplessly watch your chances for promotion slipping away, along with your formerly advancing career. This is because employers are usually less than thrilled to be brought into a warring spouse battlefield.

Divorce is a physically and emotionally draining experience. There are solid reasons that divorce is frequently compared to the death of a spouse, close family member or loved one. The divorce process involves terminating a formerly strong bond between two people. Emotionally it can resemble the eternity of death. The aftermath can generate a long recovery period, during which reestablishing your self-confidence, identity and career focus can be challenging. If your career was also harmed during the divorce process, your challenge to reconnect becomes greater.

Sometimes, however, divorce acts as a career enhancer. Should discord, emotional upheaval and family problems have existed for years, when freed from these constant pressures, people can often refocus on their job and employer. As the concentration moves from marital troubles to one’s career, job performance often noticeably improves.

With the stress and trauma of marital discord and the divorce process removed, people sometimes find themselves in a better place, with more job motivation and dedication. This emancipation can help your career. At times, the new focus might even undo some career harm that may have occurred during the painful divorce process.

How do you view the divorce process? Do you picture it as a potential career killer or career enhancer? Do you believe that some people can rebound and re-energize a damaged career after a painful divorce?

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