Divorce filings increase after Valentine’s Day

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Divorce on Friday, March 1, 2013.

Valentine’s Day usually represents love and romance. More recently, however, it may also represent the calm before the storm. The day after Valentine’s Day has become one of the busiest days for divorce attorneys and the increase in divorce filings has made February become one of the most popular months for people to file for divorce.

Why would Valentine’s Day contribute to more divorce filings? Studies suggest that many couples who are considering filing for divorce wait to see how the romantic holiday goes and after Valentine’s Day is over, they decide to file for divorce.

Studies have shown that many couples who are considering divorce for a while want to see if their marriage can be saved. Many of these couples wait to see how their relationship is leading up to Valentine’s Day and if their relationship still seems doomed on Valentine’s Day, many finally decide to file for divorce.

Researchers said that there are other factors that contribute to the high rate of divorce filings during February. Bankruptcy is most commonly filed in January, which can create stress and showcase the financial problems in a marriage. Researchers also said that due to the cold, many couples tend to stay indoors and are around each other more often, which can lead to more arguments and less satisfaction in the marriage.

Deciding to file for divorce can be an emotional, difficult decision. Whatever the reason for filing divorce, individuals should consult a divorce attorney to discuss their specific case and what next steps to take.

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