Divorce & Financial Hardship

When considering a divorce there are many things to consider. Normally one of the first things to think about is your finances, and what financial challenges you may endure as a result of the split. Below you will see a list of some common concerns.

The house – should you stay in the family home or sell it?

Retirement assets – splitting retirement assets can be tricky to avoid an unwanted taxable event.

Insurance – if we are no longer a family, who is insured and who isn’t?

Social Security – A person that has been married at least 10 years and hasn’t been working has the right to spousal social security benefits. Other details apply.

Children – who will pay school or college expenses?

Employment – will you need to re-enter the workforce?

There are many questions to consider when a marriage ends. Contact an experienced and knowledgeable family law and divorce lawyer who deals with these issues everyday.