What are the divorce / legal separation options?


Facing a divorce or legal separation?  We’re here to help, and most of all we’re here to let you know that you have options.  Did you know that divorce proceedings do not necessarily need to end up with a fight in court?  Cooperative Divorce Law, Collaborative Divorce Law, and Divorce Mediation are just a few of the possible recourses that you can take when dealing with your divorce.

If you’re seeking minimal interference and trying to avoid a battle in court, consider Cooperative Divorce Law, an option distinctly different from the other choices we will present here.  Cooperative Divorce Law comes complete with its own unique settlement procedure and can keep you away from an expensive trial.  Similar to Collaborative Law, Cooperative Divorce focuses on a series of respectful settlement negotiations and does not require either party’s legal representation to be trained in specific Collaborative Law.  Cooperative Divorce is a less formal and can ultimately result in a less expensive and scathing process that allows both parties to sit in a room civilly and present his and hers point of view.

Collaborative Divorce Law allows for the same type of discussion, but prevents spouses and their subsequent attorneys from using the court to make decisions.  The focus of Collaborative Divorce Law is negotiation and problem solving, rather than forming conditions of opposition.

Divorce Mediation may be necessary in situations of divorce that will involve a greater level of contention.  Here, a trained mediator, taking no sides and with no personal investments, will facilitate the discussion process.  If this option seems best to you, our law offices can provide experienced unbiased third parties who can successfully handle matters of asset and property distribution, child custody and support, taxes, and discussion of retirement funds.

Finally, if you need the court system to get involved and make a final ruling on your divorce contentions, then Litigation may be necessary.  While typically we consider litigation to be a last resort, sometimes the courts are necessary for you to stand in front of a judge and fight for what you believe is rightfully yours.  If the other legal divorce options have proven unsuccessful and the issues of your divorce are still in contest, the law offices of the Walters Law Group are more than prepared to fight for you in court.

Regardless of the situation or which option you choose to pursue in your upcoming divorce, Walters Law Group is here for you.  Call today for a free consultation and we will answer any questions about your divorce and the options you have.