Failure to pay child support can lead to criminal consequences

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Child Support on Wednesday, January 30, 2013.

Reaching a child support agreement can be a difficult process not only in terms of time but financially as well. In addition it can also take a toll on the parties involved emotionally. Unfortunately as some Chicago area custodial parents, who rely on the support payments to care for their children are aware, the saga does not always end there. For various reasons parents fail to make the required payments.

Authorities in Cook County do not take kindly to this failure. Accordingly, child support warrants may be issued. Recently four fathers residing in Chicago Heights found this out firsthand. Earlier this month warrants were issued due to large amounts of child support payments that are owed. The amounts owed by each of the men range between $35,462.63 and $80,806.00.

It is unclear why each of the fathers has fallen so far behind in making payments. Occasionally people fail to make the payments on purpose. Most often however, those who are required to pay do not have the money to cover the payment. This is particularly true in recent years where many have struggled to find a new job after being laid off.
Unfortunately, the lack of a paying job does not automatically get a parent off the hook for child support payments. Nor does it automatically put a stop to criminal consequences such as those in the case of the Chicago Heights parents. To obtain such relief, the individual must seek a modification of the child support payments. This must be done through the court system. Likewise, court proceedings are also how custodial parents can seek to enforce the payment of delinquent child support in a civil court.

Whatever side a parent finds himself or herself on, working with a family law lawyer is usually beneficial.

Source: Chicago Heights Patch, “Wanted for Child Support Delinquency in Chicago Heights, Jan. 17,” Christopher Paicely, Jan. 17, 2013