Gay or lesbian marriages ending in divorce

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Family Law on Monday, July 22, 2013.

For many same-sex couples, being able to enter the civil institution of marriage is a long-awaited blessing. The District of Columbia, in conjunction with 12 other states, has lifted the ban on same-sex marriages resulting in tens of thousands of people obtaining marriage licenses.

The transition, however, isn’t always easy. The stigma associated with the traditional roles played in a conventional marriage often don’t apply to same-sex couples. Their relationships are frequently created based on a variety of commitments. These may include more financial and social freedom then a traditional marriage offers.

Because same-sex marriages are now possible, many couples could be expected to cultivate the conventional roles that were created for heterosexual couples. Although possible, modern rules of support within the marriage have changed for all genders, and lesbian or gay individuals may find it challenging to adopt the more traditional way of thinking about marriage roles.

In some cases, unions end in divorce and may need post-divorce modifications. Property division, child custody and alimony are some common reasons for disagreements among partners who have decided to part ways. When divorce hearings take place, judges are inclined to equally distribute the assets. Gay couples typically prefer to leave the union with their masculinity intact rather the being labeled as a wife. Lesbian partners generally do not mind leaving the marriage with a sizable financial package.

New divorce laws have to be yet formed and fitted to the present needs of the population. A Chicago divorce lawyer may be helpful to reach structured settlements for both parties involved in a divorce dispute.

Source: Huffington Post, “Lesbian ‘Husbands’ and Gay ‘Wives’: The Gendering of Gay Divorce“, Katherine Franke, July 09, 2013