Police arrest man allegedly $80,000 behind on child support

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Child Support on Saturday, March 30, 2013.

Cook County officers were finally able to track down a Chicago father who had reportedly failed to pay any child support since sometime in 2004. Records show that he is currently behind in child support payments by $79,687. This amount seems to have accrued due to his complete failure to make any payments in over an eight-year period.

Police officers received a tip that the 55-year-old man was residing on South Kolin Avenue’s 5600 block. They visited the residence and arrested the man; he was then taken by police and held in lieu of a $500 bond by the court. The initial warrant for the man’s arrest was issued back in 1999, but he didn’t fully stop making child support payments for his three children until 2004.

The tip came into the Central Warrant Unit of Cook County Sheriff’s Office. As of now, the man is due in court on April 1 due to the extensive amount of back child support that he owes. His hearing will take place at the Daley Center.

Any type of situation where child support orders must be issued can be detrimental for parents and children. In the above case, it’s even worse for the three children involved who haven’t had the needed source of income for close to a decade. Sometimes, extenuating circumstances may cause a parent to be unable to keep up with payments, but in these situations, it is necessary for a modification to be drafted as soon as possible by a family law lawyer so that both parties may be satisfied and children can continue to receive support.

Source: DNAinfo, “Man who owes $80k in child support arrested by Sheriff’s Police ,” Kyla Gardner, March 15, 2013