Seek an experienced Chicago attorney for a prenuptial agreement

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Family Law on Thursday, May 2, 2013.

Attaining a prenuptial agreement in Chicago is a prudent decision regardless of wealth or socio-economic status. Pre-marital assets, such as retirement accounts, businesses and inheritances, can be protected via a pre-marital agreement. Though it may be difficult or uncomfortable to bring up the subject, signing a prenuptial agreement can spare couples unwanted stress in the event of divorce.

Benefits of a prenuptial agreement include protection of future earnings and avoidance of debt. If a spouse decides to start a business, future cash flows and business appreciation can be protected. If one spouse has significant pre-marital debts, the other spouse can be protected from responsibility for the liabilities. Prenuptial agreements allow spouses to keep specific property and come to a mutual agreement on assets or liability distribution.

A skilled Chicago divorce attorney may assist with prenuptial agreements and divorce proceedings. Divorces are not what married couples ever intended. These dynamic, often emotional and stressful proceedings take a toll on couples and their families. An experienced attorney can streamline the process and help couples move on with their lives. Prenuptial agreements give spouses peace of mind and lay a solid foundation for a marriage. Attorneys may be able to deal with pre and postnuptial legal issues, and they may be able to make the prenuptial agreement process easier for clients.

Seeking an experienced Chicago attorney to assist with prenuptial agreements or divorce proceedings is a prudent choice. Though the subject of prenuptial agreements may a difficult one to discuss, it is nevertheless an important personal and financial decision. Prenuptial agreements make sense regardless of wealth or socio-economic status.

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