Working moms and custody cases

On behalf of The Walters Law Group, Ltd. posted in Child Custody on Thursday, June 13, 2013.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about 70.5 percent of moms work outside the home. Additionally, 30 percent of working women make more money each year than their husbands. This change in gender roles has also resulted in a change in some cases regarding child custody, causing dramatic reversals in determining which Illinois parent should get primary custody and spousal support.

Historically, most mothers, whether they were working or not, usually received the kids during a custody dispute. However, many mothers today do double duty as a breadwinner and homemaker. However, she can be placed in a disadvantaged light if she was not physically home during the day, even if she was still doing several other duties like arranging play dates, helping with homework or driving kids to and from extracurricular activities. If the child’s father assumed the role as primary caretaker during the marriage, the family court may wish to keep this arrangement continuing when he or she awards custody.

There are several strategies that working mothers can use to try to achieve a favorable custody arrangement that works best for them and their children. For example, they should contact a family law attorney who has had success with reaching custody settlements prior to going to court. If a working mother knows that she will be fighting for custody, it may be better for her to adjust her work schedule now to get more time with the kids. Being involved with her children’s doctors, teachers, extracurricular activity sponsors and other adults involved in her children’s life can also be beneficial for a working mother.

Family law attorneys in Illinois can help working mothers retain custody of their children during a divorce. They can fight for sole custody, or joint custody may be able to be arranged.

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