Child Support – Tips for Reaching an Agreement

When a married couple divorces, child support becomes a raging issue if it is not sorted out amicably. The children may bear the brunt of ugly discussions and verbal spats. At times, a mediator can help both parents discuss the situation and make the right decisions. Obviously, the spouse who must pay for child support feels the need to negotiate and the spouse looking after the children seeks more support.

Here are some tips to reach an agreement.

Keep the proof ready

If you are the parent seeking child support, you must keep all the bills, receipts and related documents safely. Many a times, the other parent is not even aware how much child care can cost. It becomes difficult to negotiate if there are no supporting documents for estimated expenses.

Be open to changes

As your children grow, their needs increase. Expenses can double or triple depending upon their educational needs and everyday expenses. As a parent who must give child support, you need to remember that a lot of changes will occur in your income too. Be ready to review both the children’s needs and your income status at regular intervals to avoid future conflicts.

Do not involve the child

Whatever be the reasons of divorce, children are best kept away from discussions about child support or divorce negotiations. Payments for child support should also be made from one parent to another or through a specific account if the parents no longer wish to communicate with each other.