Joint Custody vs. Sole Custody

Couples going through a divorce need to make a special effort to ensure that their kids’ future is not jeopardized because of the case. When discussing the matter of child custody, children’s interests should be given top priority.

Unless one of the parents is found mentally unfit for parenting, both the parents get equal parenting time be it joint or sole custody. In joint custody, decisions regarding the child are made jointly by both the parents. In sole custody, only the parent who has the custody makes decisions for the child.

When is joint custody the best option?

Joint child custody is an ideal option because children get to spend time with both the parents. However, if parents are constantly abusing each other or having heated arguments for every joint decision, the child is better off with just one of the parents.

If you are certain that you can be friendly with the ex, you can agree for joint custody. If you cannot let go of the negativity that you harbor against your ex-spouse, consider going for counseling in order to overcome the emotional baggage for your child’s sake. However, if you are unable to let go, you should prefer sole custody.

The child’s psychology matters

If your child is easy going and can easily adapt to different situations, he or she will do well in a joint custody scenario. However, if your child is reserved and cannot adapt easily to changes, it may be a better option to keep him or her with one parent.

Consider the issue from all viewpoints and make the right decision regarding child custody.